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Today's Latest News
Antarctica Has 0 Cases of COVID-19. Will It Last?  Outside

Night-time measurements of astronomical seeing at Dome A in Antarctica  Nature.com

Green Algae Is Blooming in Antarctica, but What Does It Mean?  Interesting Engineering

NSF campaign will drill for ice capturing West Antarctica's last collapse  Science Magazine

Antarctica's wilderness fails to capture continent's biodiversity  Nature.com

Dome A in Antarctica is the best site for optical astronomical observation on Earth  EurekAlert

New luxury cruises are scheduled to sail to Antarctica this year  CNBC

How much of Antarctica is really wilderness?  Cosmos

Analysis of 200 Years of Human Activity in Antarctica Reveals an Unsettling Picture  ScienceAlert

Scientists Discover First Methane Leak in Antarctica; Warn of Intense Warming Threat Over Icy Continent  The Weather Channel

John Priscu Finds Life in Antarctica's Frozen Lakes  Quanta Magazine

First underwater methane leak discovered near Antarctica  Live Science

Antarctica more widely impacted by humans than previously thought: Only 16% of the continent's Important Bird Areas are located within negligibly impacted areas  Science Daily

100-year-old Florida man remembers expedition to Antarctica  Wink News

Humans are encroaching on Antarctica’s last wild places, threatening its fragile biodiversity  The Conversation AU

Climate change: what Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’ means for the planet  Financial Times

First active leak of sea-bed methane discovered in Antarctica  The Guardian

China, Russia aren’t putting plans to exploit Antarctica’s resources on ice | Opinion  Miami Herald

Snow Falls in Ballarat as Wintry Blast From Antarctica Affects Victoria  Yahoo News

Algae is turning coastal Antarctica red and green – and it could have big implications.  National Geographic UK

Al-Husseini: The invisible life hidden beneath Antarctica's Ice  Douglas County Sentinel

Australia wants to build a huge concrete runway in Antarctica. Here's why that's a bad idea  The Conversation Australia

Poland's new Polar ice station set to take shape in Antarctica  The First News

Ancient Ice Loss in Antarctica’s Most Stable Region Paints a Bleak Picture of What Could Come  Gizmodo

Warming waters drive unprecedented algal blooms in Antarctica, scientists find  Hindustan Times

Why scientists are so worried about this glacier  Vox.com

‘Teetering at the edge’: Scientists warn of rapid melting of Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday glacier’  The Independent

Scientists discover a methane leak in Antarctica`s seabed  WION

This Is the Single Best Place To Stargaze on Earth  Popular Mechanics

GIANT alien spotted in Antarctica with entrance into mountains - claim  Daily Express

Antarctica mystery as Google Earth user spots '20-metre-tall figure' emerging from snow  Daily Star

Winston Peters' friends went to Antarctica on taxpayer  RNZ

How did coronavirus infect people on every continent but Antarctica in just three months?  OregonLive

Hillary's Hut: Virtual reality tour of explorer's Antarctica base launched by PM  Stuff.co.nz

Climate Change: Mind-Blowing Warnings from Arctic and Antarctica  Common Dreams

A green building on the white continent - Antarctica NZ  Voxy

Marine life found in ancient Antarctica ice helps solve a carbon dioxide puzzle from the ice age  UNSW Newsroom

Antarctica's seafloor is leaking methane, scientists confirm  Inhabitat

How climate change is melting Antarctica [Video]  Yahoo News UK

A New Airfield In Antarctica? Australia Is Gearing Up To Build One  Simple Flying

Did Google Earth find proof that alien giants live in Antarctica?  1428 Elm

ENAP announces new 10MW wind farm to start in Antarctica  Hydrogen Fuel News

NASA to launch football stadium-sized balloon to study the stars  The Mercury News

Falling in love with landscapes and libraries media recommendations  CU Boulder Today

Indian-origin scientist — who has a glacier named after him — to drill through Greenland ice to study eff  Times of India

‘The Animals Are Dying. Soon We Will Be Alone Here.’  The New York Times

Australia puts out tender for construction of Antarctica’s first paved runway  Construction Review

Summer Stars Lecture Series Begins With a Message of Hope  State of the Planet

East Texas NASA facility to play key role in football stadium-sized balloon mission to study stars  KLTV

Louis Rudd releases new book on his remarkable journey across Antarctica  Newstalk ZB

How Ice Scouring in the Antarctic Disrupts Ecosystems  State of the Planet

Did this Researcher Just Spot a 20-Meter-Tall Alien in Antarctica?  International Business Times, Singapore Edition

We found the perfect spot on Earth to see if anti-pollution laws actually work  Inverse

200 years of exploring Antarctica – the world's coldest, most forbidding and most peaceful continent  The Conversation US

Antarctic blast to cross Tasmania throughout the week, causing widespread snow and icy conditions  Tasmania Examiner

Kenneth Roberts 'Allen' Jr., 41, talented musician and chef  Port City Daily

'Antarctica Melts,' NASA Says, Showing Effects Of A Record Warm Spell  NPR

Scenes From Antarctica  The Atlantic

Weekly Digest (July 27-31, 2020): Top Weather, Environment and Science Stories of the Week  The Weather Channel

Antarctica Sets Record High Temperature: 64.9 Degrees  The New York Times

One continent remains untouched by the coronavirus: Antarctica  The Washington Post

The people waiting out Covid-19 in dark, frozen Antarctica  CNN

Who really discovered Antarctica? Depends who you ask.  National Geographic

16 Times Antarctica Revealed Its Awesomeness in 2019  Livescience.com

Scientists Have Unearthed Traces of an Ancient Rainforest In... Antarctica  ScienceAlert

Melbourne is set to freeze through its coldest four-day spell in 24 YEARS  Daily Mail

Climate change in Antarctica  National Geographic

The Iciest Waters Around Antarctica Are Less Icy  The New York Times

How Earth's Climate Changes Naturally (and Why Things Are Different Now)  Quanta Magazine

Antarctica vs. Science  The New York Times

The Coolest Architecture on Earth Is in Antarctica  The New York Times

Antarctica just saw its all-time hottest day ever  Livescience.com

Antarctic video reveals deepest canyon on Earth  Science Magazine

Melbourne shivers through one of its coldest days of the year  The Age

Aircraft spies gravity waves being sucked into Antarctica's polar vortex  Science Magazine

The South Pole has been warming at three times the global average over the past 30 years, study says  CNN

Underwater robot reveals hidden base of Antarctica's 'doomsday' glacier  Science Magazine

Global Antarctica Travel Market 2020 Growth Overview by Various Services, Types, Application, Advancements, Major-Segments, Demand Insights and Comprehensive Analysis 2025  Owned

New technique enables mineral ID of precious Antarctic micrometeorites  EurekAlert

A Satellite Lets Scientists See Antarctica's Melting Like Never Before  The New York Times

Facts about Antarctica that will astonish you!  Times of India

Coronavirus complicates journeys home from Antarctica  BBC News

Going wild in Antarctica  National Geographic

Coronavirus forces United States, United Kingdom to cancel Antarctic field research  Science Magazine

Covid-19 is causing problems even in Antarctica, as this photographer found out  Washington Post

What life is like on Antarctica, the only continent without a case of coronavirus  ABC News

To transport covid vaccines, giant freezers set up. Temperature: -80 Celsius  Livemint

The Countries Taking Advantage of Antarctica During the Pandemic  The Atlantic

Antarctic ice sheets capable of much faster melting than we thought  CNN

Coronavirus and Antarctica: 'Isolated within isolation'  BBC News

Exotic Creature in Antarctica Has Survived More than 30 Ice Ages  Scientific American

The frozen continent  Science Magazine

The long and surprisingly confusing discovery of Antarctica, exactly 200 years ago  Telegraph.co.uk

The Antarctic Peninsula’s new heat record could soon be broken  National Geographic

Melting ice in Antarctica reveals new uncharted island  Livescience.com

Tourism in Antarctica: Edging Toward the (Risky) Mainstream  The New York Times

Two giant icebergs broke off Antarctica. Here's what that means for the continent's health.  NBC News

UPS Readies Freezer Farms to Store Virus Vaccine When Approved  Transport Topics

'Helmeted frog' fossils unearthed in Antarctica  Science Magazine

Snow is turning green in Antarctica -- and climate change will make it worse  CNN